R is for Rain, R is for Revival

I used to be afraid of gray and rainy days
I used to fear that my mood would fall right with the rain
I used to believe that I cried in conjunction with the clouds
and that I could only ever be as bright and alive as the sun
I would bury myself under blankets
and waste the day away
because when the day was as gray
as I felt, what was the point?

But that was before I learned to stop associating sadness with silver skies
And that was before I learned that the clouds can be
a beautiful break from trying to burn as bright as the sun
Because now I have learned that sunshine all the time just creates a desert
And now I find beauty in the billion droplets of the very rain that once bothered me
And now clouds have become my companion in caring for myself
I bury myself in blankets and books and barely feel
a touch of the silver-sky sadness that once soaked my soul
And now when the rain falls, I feel as alive as the grass it revives and rebirths
I feel as new as the roads the rains wash clean
and as new as each raindrop that reaches the earth


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